Spring 2015 Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Outlook

Posted by on April 7, 2015

First thing is first, it’s been a while since we last posted an update. S&W Guide Service had an epic 2014/2015  ice fishing season which spanned from Gull Lake, Whitefish Chain, North Long Lake, Lake Hubert, Upper Red Lake, and all the way north to Lake Winnipeg. With that being said the ice fishing gear will be put away this weekend and it’s time to shift gears. We are looking forward to a more “normal” spring in terms of ice out, water temps, and weed growth. This will also allow the fish to do their spawning thing and will hopefully show up in their normal haunts by opener. Lakes in the Brainerd Area are starting to loose their ice as we speak and things had been moving pretty fast.

Tim Ed, Butch, and Nate will all be running 20 foot plus top of the line fiberglass boats this season. Tim will be running the Nitro ZV 21 with a 250 Mercury, while Butch and Nate will be running their standby 2090 Warriors with 200 horses of power pushing them. Our guide service is coming off of our busiest year to date as we continue to work hard to grow S & W Guide Service on the principles of hard work, professionalism, top tier fishing guides, and bottom line treating customers as our friends and busting our butt to make it happen. It appears to be a winning combination in that our summer bookings are already filling in steadily and our repeat custom base continues to grow very fast.

We will continue to update our postings as spring arrives. It’s good to be thinking open water again!

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