Posted by on April 28, 2015

4/27/15 Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report- Put the boats in the water this past weekend to make sure everything was as it should be and do a little exploring for some panfish. We fished some of the larger area lakes particularly Gull Lake and the Whitefish Chain. Water temps were in the low to mid 40′s on Saturday in the main basins. Back bays were anywhere from 46-50 depending on their depth. The warmest bays had panfish in their shallow spawning areas. The fish were more related to the break lines or deep weeds in the cooler bays. The warm weather this next week will get things kicked into full gear for the panfish bite. We were using both plastics and minnows, pinks and whites seemed to work the best for the most part. The DNR finished up collecting walleye eggs from the Pine River about a week ago. Sounded like it took them about a week. We saw some very nice fish in the nets. The DNR says the natural survival rate for the walleye eggs would be about 5%, with collecting the eggs and raising them into fry the survival rate jumps up in the 35-40% range which some of those are put back into the Whitefish Chain to replace the taken eggs. All in all, I believe it benefits the Whitefish walleye population. The opener clock is ticking away fast. We’ll be working the bait shop again on Friday, stop by and say hi. Sounds like shiners might be tough to come by again this year but we’ll see if the warm weather can help the trappers. The invasive species regulations that are in place are really hurting the live bait industry and I have a hard time believing the minnow trappers are spreading any invasives. See you on the water.

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