7/19 Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report

Posted by on July 20, 2014

Fish seem to be in their summer patterns for the most part on many of the area lakes. Gull, Whitefish, North Long, and Edwards are all putting out good numbers of walleyes. We have caught a lot of BIG walleyes so far this year and yes they are still out there waiting to bite another day. Depths really seem to vary depending on the daily conditions. Some fish are tight to the weed lines (11-16ft), others are in the middle 18-22, and still other schools seem to be in  28-32 ft.  If there is wind and overcast shallow seems to be the ticket. We have been lindy rigging with minnows for the most part. We have caught some fish on leeches and crawlers but just not as consistent. Some really nice schools of big bass are finally showing up on the outside weed lines. Sure seemed to take a long time for that to happen this year. It is also that time of year when the big bull sunfish are super aggressive. We have been even catching these bad boys with walleye minnows. If you put a leech or chunk of crawler on you can hardly get the bait to the bottom. Lastly it is really good to see all the 10-13″ walleyes that are showing up on Gull, it should be some good fishing the next couple of years. If you would like to book a trip call 218-829-7010. Enjoy Summer!

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