Memorial Day fishing report

Posted by on May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day weekend. The weather has been top notch and appears that everyone has been out soaking it up. Crappie and Bass fishing are in full swing right now. The smaller dark bottom bays have been very good in the 1-4 ft range. Either put on a small jig, bobber, and crappie minnow or cast a small jig and puddle jumper kind of a set up. Pike have also been pretty active. Most of the pike we are catching have been caught while fishing shallow for walleyes. Over all the walleye bite in the area has been tricky. Keys have been to fish windblown structure and probably shallower than to be expected. Fishing this shallow is a challenge when trying to lindy rig due to weeds so we have been pitching jigs when the opportunity presents itself. The water temps are warming pretty quickly so that should start pushing the walleyes to the outside edge of the weed lines before too long. There are bait balls on the outside edge just waiting for some hungry walleyes.

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