May 3, 2014 Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report

Posted by on May 3, 2014

We are officially 1 week prior to the Minnesota fishing opener and the excitement is building. After a long tough winter people are very eager to get back in their boats and fish some soft water. It appears that the ice is out on most small area lakes and some even have the docks in at the public accesses. The larger lakes in the area, Gull, North Long, Pelican, and Whitefish are either ice free for very close. So it looks like we will be in the clear in terms of ice for opener! This coming week is going to be a very busy one in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The activities for the Governor’s Opener start for us on Wed evening. Thurs and Fri we are helping with a kids seminar at Grandview. We will be taking 4th graders out fishing both Thurs and Friday on pontoons for panfish. Thursday night is the host meeting, Friday we meet our fishing guests for Saturday at the Nisswa picnic. Congrats to Ray and Toby who will be fishing with the Governor’s office, they will represent the community very well. In terms of fishing, the water is going to be COLD for opener. It sounds like there are some pike that have been starting to stage but not many walleyes as of yet. The DNR said they have had a few walleyes in their traps on the Pine River but not many so it sounds like at this point the water temps are still pretty chilly for the spawn but that could change in a hurry with a little sun. Look for walleyes hanging around any kind of current and fairly shallow this opener. We will be getting the boats in the water today to make sure everything is all tuned up and ready to rock for next weekend. We will be helping out and talking smart Friday night at S & W Baitshop in between the kids fishing event and the picnic. Stop in and say hi. We love seeing and talking to all the familiar faces. It’s a fishing opener tradition and the baitshop is rich with opener memories.

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