Brainerd Lakes Fishing Report 6/15/12

Posted by on June 16, 2012

It’s the big camp confidence tournament weekend which is a very neat deal. We will be donating our boats to take some folks out to fish the tournament on Saturday. It’s a great cause.  The walleye fishing over the past week has really picked up on Gull for us. We had several very good days with some nice catches. The key seems to be wind. If we have a good wind, the fish have been biting, the calm days have still been pretty tough. Key kepths are 14-19 ft. The fish have moved out from the weedlines a little and you can now mark them easier. Redtails, Creek Chub, or a leech on a Lindy Rig have all been producing. The bass are starting to show up more consistently as well on the outside edge of the weeds. Round Lake has been pretty decent for multi-species as well as of late. Mille Lacs is still pretty amazing. Lots of big fish, the trouble is catching fish for a meal. That is a real challenge right now but a lot of mid 20″ fish is the average. Smallies have been really picking up on Mille Lacs as well. Our best techniques have been tube jigs, hair jigs, and x-raps casted up in the rocks. if there is wind drifting a slip bobber and leech over the rocks will get you both bass and walleyes. The summer is almost at full swing and our schedules are filling up so if you would like to book a trip give a call. Thanks to the Super Value Group, they were a blast to fish with and some good sticks at that. Some new pics of them will be posted in the picture section.

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