5/30/11 S&W Guide Service Fishing Report

Posted by on May 31, 2011

We have been on the water a lot lately with widely ranging results. I like to think the weather has played a major role with the inconsistent fishing. We have been on Gull Lake, Round Lake, Leech Lake, and North Long Lake.  We have spent the most time on Gull where finding the walleyes are not the problem, getting them to bite with regularity is the challenge. They are in many of their normal haunts on the outside edge of weedlines 10-14 fow. There also seems to be alot of fish holding in the 18-22 fow water but those fish seem to be less agressive. The pike have been cooperating with regularity though. Butch ventured up to Leech with his clients on Weds only to battle 4 plus foot waves which limited thier opportunities. They still did manages a handfull of nice eyes. Nate’s client Roger caught the big walleye for the week which was a chunky 25.5″ on Gull Lake and it gave a great battle. If we can get some stabble weather which would warm the water temps up, fishing should take off. It is getting to be prime Mille Lacs time soon so we’ll begin taking some walleye trips over there as well. Again this upcoming week looks to be very busy so we’ll report back next week with a report. Good luck and have fun. If you’ld like to book a trip call the baitshop or Tim, Butch, or Nate directly.

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