Fishing Report 10/8/2011

Posted by on October 8, 2010

Well it’s just that time of year and the open water season is wrapping up. We’ll still be fishing as long as the weather allows though and then hopefully make a quick transition and be fishing on the ice. Water temps on Gull seem to be in the lower to mid 50’s. The strong wind on Saturday really churned the water up. Fishing is still pretty good. The fish seemed to have scattered a bit. We are finding fish from 11-45 feet of water. I know that is really vague but true. Green weeds still seem to be holding fish but the weed lines have really deteriorated. Butch caught a thick 28.5” walleye Saturday on Gull tight to the weeds. We got some pics and let her go back to make some baby walleyes. This is “trophy time” for walleye fishing. Make sure too have your camera close and check the batteries so those fish can be back in the water as soon as possible after snapping a couple pics. Remember that in MN for lakes without a slot an angler is only allowed one walleye over 20”per day. Nate is planning on heading up to Lake of the Woods/Rainy River this weekend. It sounds like the shiners have just started to run and the main run of fish is still in the lake but should be moving into the river any time now. On another note now that Zebra Mussels were found in Gull it is now a listed lake for exotic species. Make sure and pull your plug and drain all water out including live wells and bait wells. The DNR is enforcing this at access. Stay warm!

Also congrats to Tim. He, his Dad, and Blaze were featured on Due North Outdoors recently with a 3 generation pheasant hunt. Very cool!!!!

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