Fishing Report 10/25/10

Posted by on October 25, 2010

Sounds like our weather is going to change. Snow coming in later this week? We had over an inch of very much needed rain that started Saturday afternoon and rained on and off all day Sunday, it was getting dry and grass fires won’t be such a problem now for all the fall outdoor activities. A heads up, the Merrifield landing on North Long is now open and from what I’ve heard, is really nice, thanks to all who worked on it. For the people fishing North Long they have been doing well. Most of the fish coming from the main lake in that 18-22 feet, redtails/creeks, on Lindys. Leech is pumping out limits of nice perch and some walleyes. Most of our fishing has been on Gull. Nate took a group of 3 Cowboy fans out of Grandview from Dallas that came up to golf and go to the Vikings/Dallas game, they banged the Walleyes and lost the big game. Butch has been out a lot on Gull with very good success. Lots of fish in that 20-25 inch range have been released with plenty of eaters for those who have wanted to keep some. Lindy’s tipped with Redtails have been working the best. The depth has really varied from 14 -40 feet. Most of the fish we have been catching are in that 14-18 foot depth but some of the bigger fish coming from the deeper water. The problem is deep water causes more pressure problems to fish that you want to release, reel them up SLOW, take your time and enjoy the bent rod! Had Chad who is 11 years old out and his dad Tim on Friday, banged the fish, Chad had the hot stick, caught a 24.5 incher along with several others. Took Tom, his son Nate, and grandson Payton out Saturday in the rain, fishing was not as good however, Payton C&R a beautiful 25.5 incher. Depending on the weather, we will keep the boats ready to go hopefully for a couple of weeks or more yet, call and book a trip if you want a chance for some really great fall walleye fishing and quite possibly, a trophy.

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