Fishing Repot 9/29/2010

Posted by on September 29, 2010

Sorry for the delay in reports. We have been on the water a lot lately. It is truely the best time of year. Our temps however have been more like mid to late October. Water temps are in the mid to upper 50′s. It has taken a little bit to get used to bundling up and working with semi-numb fingers. Fishing has still been lights out. Still not seeing the “big” walleyes on a consistent basis but lots of beautiful 15-20 inchers. We have been having our best suscess by still using a lindy rig with a 3/8 ounce weight and Red Tail chubs. I have been hearing lots of talk about Red Tails not being worth their price and that other minnows will produce the same. I’m gonna have to say that is all talk at this point in time. I have been doing some testing with rainbows, creek chubs, and red tails. I have caught some fish on all but not even close to how the red tails have been producing. We are finding fish from 12-34′, but it still seems like the very aggressive fish are tight to the weeds. I know we have been saying this for a couple months now but this patern has been to good to leave. October is slowing up a bit so if you have any desire to get on the lake and catch a bunch of fish while taking in the colors and wildlife, give us a call and book a trip.


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