Fishing Report 9/1/2010

Posted by on September 1, 2010

Fishing is really heating up in the Brained Lakes Area this past couple of weeks. Hoping that the fish are getting their fall feed on and that the bite continues until ice up. We had a fabulous week this past week on Gull fishing mainly walleyes. Limits were the norm. The strong south winds really made it a challenge holding on the fish but if you could do it, it was well worth the reward. A lot of nice “eater” eyes have been showing up in the 14-18 inch range with more bigger fish starting to show up. The fish are still tight to the weeds however we are seeing more fish dropping into the 17-20 ft range. Once you pull a couple fish from a school they seem to be doing a short move which means finding them again. We are still using redtails on a lindy rig. Many areas are holding fish right now so don’t be afraid to fish away from the crowds. It is also important to remember when fishing is hot to keep enough for a meal if you would like and release the others. Also the larger walleyes usually 20 inches and up are normally the females which are very important for reproducing. Keep a camera close that way you can snap a quick couple pictures and let the big girls swim to fight another day. The best time of the year is coming up so enjoy. We have still been very busy but do have some openings. If your interested in booking a trip call the bait shop.

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